Mike Thompson & Arne Hendriks w / MU

FAT & FOOD: From Lardo di Collonata to Lipohypertrophy (Event)

Our 1st “Fat and … ” meetup, Fri 2nd June 2017

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Looking out towards the ocean, FATBERG is easily spotted by the flock of seagulls circling above, swooping down to take a welcome nibble of its vast store of energy. Only a few square meters of the manmade island lift themselves above the waves, bobbing slowly up and down, side to side. If you ask the creators of FATBERG why they made it, you might hear: we feel the need to archive our times; or, we’re building a strategic reserve, anticipating difficult times ahead. The truth is they don’t know why, they simply know they must…

FATBERG is an ongoing critical design research project focused on the construction and growth of a floating island of fat. Fat performs a unique and vital function as an energy reserve, stored within the body for times of scarcity. And yet, from a western perspective, fat has lost this function. It is stored and stored some more, but rarely used for its original purpose. Fat simply is.