Fat & Food: From Lardo di Collonata to Lipohypertrophy (Event)


Fat is one of THE iconic materials of our time. It relates to health. It relates to energy. It relates to beauty, ecology and consumption. Yet, the culture surrounding fat is poorly developed. We choose to look away, while fat wants to be seen: it’s in our bodies, our blocked sewers, in our food. Never before has there been so much fat. This raises critical questions: Why is there so much fat? What does it want? To begin answering this and more, and to give fat the podium it so desperately desires, we are building an island of fat: an autonomous space where fat can express itself, and we as a society redefine our relationship with this vital substance.

Over the coming months we will pursue fat’s true meaning, starting Friday June 2nd with our first public “Fat and…” session, focused on something we all think we know about: Fat and Food.

Hope to see you then!

From Lardo di Collonata to Lipohypertrophy
18:00 – 20:00 @ Friday 2nd June 2017
(beneath Crane Hotel Faralda)
1033 WB Amsterdam