Invitation to FATBERG FLOAT FEST: 08/07/17 @ NDSM (Official Launch)

On Saturday 8th July, FATBERG will finally go to water. At the former NDSM shipyard, in the midst of this vibrant historic, industrial and creative site, a floating island of fat will be launched into the open water from the beautiful old shipping ramp. In collaboration with Autark Home, engineers Bartels and Vedder, architects Space & Matter, MU Artspace and NDSM Foundation, we are producing 4 foam concrete floating production pontoons, prior to launch. During the opening festivities you can visit these platforms and, if you wish, contribute to the island of fat. Fatberg wants to grow but needs your help. We invite you to become co-owner, for example, by collecting and donating fats at home, or purchasing a certificate of co-ownership, with your contribution converted into a quantity of fat.

The Fatberg production platform will be officially opened by Kim Tuin, director of NDSM Foundation. Afterwards there will be a huge party with lipid songs and healthy fat snacks, the chance to drip fat onto the island, take a fat selfie, and look together toward the future of Fatberg. We’ll even have palm-fat floating candles for when it turns dark!

We hope to see you there.

Fatberg, Mike Thompson & Arne Hendriks

Saturday 8th July (Official Launch @ 18:00)
(beneath Crane Hotel Faralda)
1033 WB Amsterdam